Divine Absolutes

What Does The Bible Say?

Pastor M. H. Reynolds Jr. discusses certainties from the Scriptures.

John 17

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The Permanence of Christianity

Very much is said at the present time about “the religion of the future” and “the church of the future.” Some men, supposing that they see indications that the prevailing faith is going to pieces and the present order of things is about to undergo some great change or upheaval, are seriously inquiring what will be the nature of the coming faith and the character of the coming religion. Into their little balance they put Romanism with its hoary errors and superstitions, and Protestanism with its numerous sects, and find them both wanting.

The Ultimate Design

"Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for Thou hast created all things, and for Thy pleasure they are and were created." Revelation 4:11

by Dr. Robert Kofahl


Our liberties and freedoms as a nation came at a high price.  Many men and women, believing in the right of our existence, fought with all their might and paid the ultimate price with their lives.  We dishonor them when we take for granted the freedoms we have and squander them by compromising with the enemies of our nation and tolerating their destructive ways.  Many freedoms we once enjoyed have been given away, and certain liberties have been sold out.  As Christians, it is imperative that we pray for our nation and for its spiritual condition.  We must pray for

A Rational for Personal Responsibility

With the many cries for cultural renewal and spiritual revival that exist within modern-day charismatic and evangelical churches, Christians would benefit from considering the words of Scripture and of godly men from days past who have stood firm on its precepts. The debauched state of our world and our nation is obvious to all who possess any moral compass. Yet the many answers proposed to address the dilemma in which we find ourselves are just as convoluted as the many problems that exist!

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