The Lack of Leaders

There is a lack of leadership in the church—leaders who will stand in defense of the whole Bible and leaders who will aggressively attack the enemies of the Bible. The devil has always used subtle, underhanded, plausible men and methods. The devil is a soothsayer, and so are his followers.

God's Wall Builders

In the Old Testament, Nehemiah is an outstanding example of a godly wall-builder. A careful reading of the entire Book of Nehemiah will be a great blessing and encouragement to those who, like Nehemiah, have a sincere desire to be faithful to God even in these perilous times. Note several things about the life, ministry, attitudes, and actions of this faithful servant of the Lord:

[1] He had a genuine concern for the welfare of God’s people (1:3, 4).

Why Contend for the Faith?

From all corners of the world comes a challenge to God’s Word. Doubt and denial are encouraged by the enemy. Everything seems against the gospel of Christ. But we must remain to fulfill our duty. What is the duty of Christian men at such a time? What is the duty, in particular, of leaders in the work?

Five Things You Don't Need to Be an Effective Minister of Jesus Christ

Many Christians today are under the impression that in order to be truly effective or useful for the Lord, they need a better education or more credentials or a flashy program to implement or follow. Some perpetually seem to feel that God can only use them if they were to live somewhere else or if their circumstances were different.


[The following study of Psalm 77 by Pastor Dennis Costella is especially appropriate at this time in the history of the world, the nation, and the church. Many believers are discouraged and overwhelmed by the circumstances that surround them, and yet God’s Word provides guidance and instruction concerning how to deal with such feelings of despair and despondency. Please read the 77th psalm and prayerfully consider how you can apply this God-given message to your own heart, life, and ministry. — Matt Costella]

Overwhelmed with Grief

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