The New Evangelicalism—And Our Response To It

An addresses Delievered by Dr. Charles Woodbridge at the Grace Fundamental Church in Los Angeles, California, July 1973

"Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them.” Romans 16:17

Unity: Jesus' Prayer Answered

What do the World Council of Churches, the Roman Catholic Church, and modern-day Evangelicalism have in common?

Satan and Scripture

Have you ever noticed that in the account of the temptation of our Lord in Matthew chapter four, the reply made to Satan when “his majesty” attempted to quote Scripture to the Savior?

Said Satan: “It is written…,” and Christ replied, “It is written again.”

Modern Jeroboams

The Attempts to Popularize Religion and Make It Easier and More Pleasant for the People

By Rev. C. H. Fountain (1922)

Leaders among men in religion, as in every other sphere of life (and every preacher is to some extent a leader), are too often estimated by the worldly, and those who are unlearned and unstable in the Scriptures, with an utter disregard to their real value in the sight of God.

The Catholic-Evangelical Divide

What Does The Bible Say?

Despite the opinions of some, Roman Catholicism is still a religious system that denies and distorts vital doctrines of the Christian faith.

Romans 4:4-5

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