The GRACE of our Lord Jesus Christ

[The following article was written by Pastor M. H. Reynolds, Sr., who founded the Fundamental Evangelistic Association in 1928. As one of the outstanding fundamentalist leaders of his day, he reveals the evangelistic heart of a true fundamentalist in this article which first appeared in the March 1931 issue of Grace and Truth magazine. It is especially appropriate at this time of year when we take the time to remember the Incarnation.]

The "Twin Towers" of "Positive Thinking"

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale died December 25, 1993 at the age of 95. An Associated Press story reporting his death said that Peale had blended Christian and psychiatric principles into a message of positive thinking. Indeed, Dr. Peale's false philosophy of "Positive Thinking" deceived millions during his lifetime and have deceived millions more since his death as the false, unscriptural teachings he promulgated are further expanded by those who are following the same dangerous ideas he so successfully marketed. Although Dr.

Missions in the 21st Century: Should We Change Our Focus?

The 20th century witnessed an impressive, expansive movement of American missionary activity throughout many parts of the world. In fact, it has often been described as the “golden age” of North American missions. However, it is evident that American missionary activity in the 21st century is moving in a different direction. Statistics reveal that fewer missionaries from the United States are committing themselves to full-time work in foreign countries, and many nations of the world still refuse to allow American missionaries to enter their borders.

Thanksgiving: Duty, Delight, Dynamic

There is one great peril that is threatening the prosperity of the churches and the country, and that is the utter indifference to the mercies of God. How many people have really given Him the praise for His great mercies to us? Man has gobbled up for himself all the glory of every successive victory. There never was a time when it was so much the general habit of men to take all the blessings of God for granted. This spirit of independence cannot be persisted in long without provoking God to withdraw His mercies for the purpose of showing man what a helpless thing he is in himself.

"He Thanked God"

What Does The Bible Say?

Pastor M. H. Reynolds describes our need to be encouraged in the Lord, to keep pressing on in the battle, and to thank God in all things.

Acts 28:15

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