The Word of God

Various attempts are being made, in these days, to impair confidence in the claim of the Bible to be the inspired and infallible Word of God and the supreme guide in faith and duty. We are in the midst of the war of the ages, and the enemy is assaulting the center and stronghold of the Christian religion: for with its Sacred Book is inseparably bound up its Sacred Person.

The Importance of Words

God has much to say about the importance of our words—what we say and how we communicate to others. In Matthew 12:34, Jesus Christ warns that in the day of judgment, men will give an account of every idle word. A time is coming when man will understand God’s view of wrong speech. Christ explained that words are the product of the heart. In this connection, note Proverbs 4:23: “Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.” Words are an expression of what is in the heart.

Another Year Behind; Another Year Ahead

Happy New Year! At the beginning of this new year, millions of people are thinking about change. They are thinking about changing the way they live their lives—the way they eat; the way they spend their money; the amount of exercise they get; the way they spend their time. The New Year is a fresh start for many, and perhaps many of you, our readers, have resolved or purposed to make some changes in your own life this coming year. But as believers, we must understand that God wants us to be continuously changing. Read through Ephesians chapter four.

Hell: Literal and Eternal

One of Satan’s most effective tactics is to get people to believe and to teach others that he does not exist. A secondary tactic in his arsenal—but equally effective—is to get Bible teachers to proclaim that hell is not real or not really as bad as the Bible portrays it to be, either in its nature or duration. For years various cults have denied the eternality or reality of hell, but now, sadly, some evangelicals have also formulated their own denials of eternal punishment.

Christmas Is Christ

Christmas would not exist if there were no Christ. He is what Christmas is all about. Yes, it’s fun to decorate the tree, hang up lights and stockings, play holiday music, bake and eat cookies, and to give and receive gifts, but these things are only secondary to what Christmas is all about.

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