The Seven Signs of Self-Culture, or, The Religion of Humanity

by William J. Erdman (1834-1923)

1.     If God is viewed as personal, He is called the All-Father; if impersonal, the All is divine, and man is its highest and noblest product and embodiment. All great and good men, including Jesus of Nazareth, who is deemed only human, reveal the possibilities of humanity. Genius especially is identified with the highest religious spirit in its power of discernment and interpretation of the experiences of men and the moods of nature and the thoughts of God.

Does Inspiration = Influence?

What Does The Bible Say?

Pastors Matt and Gary discuss what the inspiration of Scripture entails contrasted with some prevalent views.

2 Timothy 3:14-4:4

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Managing Money: The Believer's Blueprint

While most Americans realize that their country is in the midst of a financial crisis, fewer tend to realize that on a smaller level, their own homes are equally in trouble. Of course, those who have been affected by a layoff or some other dramatic consequence of the economic downturn can feel the sting of troublesome economic times. Yet others who still have jobs or regular income are doing very little to plan for the future or make life-altering financial adjustments. Many are continuing to live above their means and consider consumer debt to be a way of life.

The Visible and Glorious Return of Jesus Christ

[Dr. R. A. Torrey (1856-1928) delivered this address in 1918 as World War I was drawing to a close. At the time of this address, Dr. Torrey served as the dean of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles. Although lengthy, it is well-worth the time and attention of every Christian today.]

I have been asked to present this afternoon the subject of the second coming of Christ, or the visible and glorious return of Christ as God’s final answer to infidelity in all its forms and to all present-day forms of error. 

Unloosing the Shackles of Antiquity

Is there value in basing our beliefs and behavior on a 1,000 or 2,000 year old book? United States Secretary of State John Kerry broached the subject as a possible question recently during a speech in Africa. The following comment was made to embassy staff personnel in Ethiopia:

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