It Really Does Matter…

Many Christians today are being told by pastors and religious leaders that when it comes to Christian doctrine, it really does not matter what one believes about particular areas of doctrine and theology as long as one embraces Jesus as Lord and Savior or as long as one is sincere in his belief or experience. In this day and age, sincerity and flexibility in biblical interpretation are extolled while certainty and dogmatism are deplored. 

The Will of God

What Does The Bible Say?

Pastor M.H. Reynolds Jr. address the need for all believers today to seek and accomplish God's will in every area of life.

Hebrews 10:35-37

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The Peril of Pragmatism in the Church

The Webster’s College Dictionary defines pragmatism as follows: “Character or conduct that emphasizes practical results or concerns rather than theory or principle; a philosophical movement or system having various forms, but generally stressing practical consequences as constituting the essential criterion in determining meaning, truth or value.” In other words, pragmatism means “to take action based upon what seems to work.” So, when using the term in the realm of Christianity or practical theology, the idea is this: We will discove

"The Four Spiritual Laws" vs. Paul's Gospel

[The following article is from "Campus Crusade Examined in the Light of Scripture" by Dr. Charles Woodbridge (1902-1995). Dr. Woodbridge was supportive of Campus Crusade in its earliest days but had to withdraw his support and begin sounding a Scriptural warning because of the wrong path this organization has taken.]

Basing my judgment upon the plain teaching of the Bible, I regard these "Laws" as a totally inadequate, indeed an emasculated and misleading presentation of the blessed Gospel of the Son of God.

Why Be So Negative?

No doubt you have heard people say, " Why be so negative all the time?" when you have tried to warn them about some false doctrine, teacher, or compromising leader. It seems to happen with increasing frequency today. You, too, may be thinking the same thing, even though you may never have expressed it to anyone. So, perhaps a careful look at this question and the attitude of mind which prompts it is in order.

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