What's the Whole Point?

As a Christian, nothing is more important than understanding the “big picture” of God’s purpose and plan throughout the ages. Questions such as “What is the central message of God’s Word?” or “What is the whole point of Christianity?” must be answered accurately in order for believers to fulfill God’s will on this earth.

The Error of Ecumenical Evangelism

What Does The Bible Say?

A consideration of ecumenical evangelism and the role Billy Graham has played in its acceptance by Christians today.

2 Corinthians 6:14-7:1

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The Devil's Beatitudes…

We reproduce the following list for the purpose of "provoking" God's people to love and good works (Heb. 10:24). Although the list is fictitious and written with a bit of humor in mind, it behooves each of us to consider whether or not our behavior is advancing the purpose and will of the one, true God or the god of this world.

The Devil's Beatitudes…

"Jesus Calling"—Beware of Extra-Biblical Communications

Jesus Calling is a very popular devotional book by Sarah Young, published in 2004 by Thomas Nelson. It has a devotional for every day of the year. The devotionals are written in first person ("I"), as if Jesus were speaking. Many have found this book to be very helpful and inspiring when it comes to practical Christian living. The author does share some very helpful thoughts about focusing on Christ and trusting Him in our daily walk.

Three Reasons for Thanksgiving

The Psalms are full of general exhortations to give praise to the Lord and express heartfelt thanksgiving to Him. But if we look at all the passages that exclaim thanks to God or encourage us to be thankful to God, we see over and over again three specific subjects of thanksgiving throughout the Psalms. In other words, throughout the Psalms we find a pattern of three things for which we are to be especially thankful—and each of these things centers around the person of God (His attributes).

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