From Darkness…To Light!

In God’s Word to Israel through the prophet Isaiah, the Lord makes a great contrast between the works of darkness and the true Light that is offered to mankind. God makes it clear that those who do not speak according to His Word walk in darkness, are agents of darkness, and must be avoided. In contrast, those who proclaim the truth of His Word are practicing and proclaiming the Light of Life, and God’s people must receive such words and walk faithfully according to them.

A Mechanism for the Theory of the Origin of Biological Designs

by Dr. Robert Kofahl

The Scriptures Are Sufficient

Most Bible-believing Christians agree that 2 Timothy 3:16 provides a powerful statement concerning the divine origin of the Holy Scriptures. Theopneustos, the Greek work from which we derive our English phrase, “given by inspiration of God,” literally means that the very words of the Bible were “God-breathed.” Most Christians have a tendency to isolate this verse and only focus upon the doctrine of inspiration. Yet it is interesting to consider the broader context of this verse (2 Tim.

The Truth Still Stands

After Jesus clearly declared the truth to Pilate, he despondently responded to the Savior, “What is truth?” To Pilate, as to many people today, truth is subjective and relative. Others believe truth does not even exist at all. Still others believe truth is unknowable or unattainable. While this moral and theological relativism is becoming increasingly prevalent in our Western culture, godly men of the past also dealt with this crisis many years ago.

The Excellency of the Knowledge of Christ

Please read Philippians 3:7-14. The apostle Paul reveals in this brief text the driving obsession that characterized his service for his Savior and Lord. Absolutely nothing was more important to Paul than knowing Jesus Christ in truth and then striving to be a faithful, obedient servant to his Lord. We have here a glimpse into the heart of the apostle, and we must understand that the belief and motivation that distinguished Paul are what we need as well if we are to please our Lord.

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