Safe, Secure, and Sealed

The question of whether or not a true believer can lose his salvation after having been justified by faith alone in the person and work of Jesus Christ has existed within the church almost from its inception. In fact, during the persecution of the early church in the second and third centuries, many individuals who were facing the prospect of torment and even death chose to renounce their faith in order to avoid suffering a painful and often lethal punishment.

The Spirit of Fear

The recent wars and natural disasters that are plaguing our world have elicited numerous responses from Christian leaders of all theological persuasions. Sadly, the most vocal voices have come from those who claim that 1.) God is speaking today and judging those who are victims of said wars or natural calamities or 2.) The events are somehow related to end-time prophecy.

Missions with Don Kilmer

What Does The Bible Say?

Don Kilmer, missionary to the Zulu people in South Africa, discusses the challenges and blessings of the ministry.

Matthew 28:19-20

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Aborting Apathy

Have you ever heard these words: “Don’t blame me. I didn’t do anything. I go to church, the pastor preaches, I go home.

Love or Laxity?

Satan is a master of strategy. He knows how to change his tactics to suit each new occasion. Having failed to silence the testimony of fundamentalists by open attack, he now seeks to nullify their witness by a more subtle method—and that method is a misuse of the Christian grace of love. He has attempted, and alas, with too much success, to convince many good people that it is wrong to take a stand against compromise with error.

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