Secular Humanism: The Religion of the "Man-God"

For almost 100 years, secular humanists have sought to lay a framework for their man-centered religion by issuing a series of “manifestos” or declarations intended to plainly state the foundation for their beliefs. Over the past century, secular humanists have published six different declarations (in addition to numerous other books and articles) which differ slightly in emphasis and tone and yet are cohesive in the core aspects of the religion of secular humanism.

The Church: "The Pillar and Ground of the Truth"

Mention the term church to a group of people, and you will receive as many definitions and perceptions of “church” as there are people. Of course, many equate church with religion and pride themselves in their resoluteness to have nothing to do with either. But others will actually claim to be religious and even attend weekly services, albeit sporadically. The reasons given for identifying themselves with a particular religious group and, in turn, their understanding of that group’s function or purpose vary greatly.

The Offense of the Gospel

When sharing the truth of the gospel, many Christians today have a tendency to water down the “good news” in an effort to make it less offensive to the listener. To one degree, we can appreciate this desire not to offend. To another degree, however, the attempt to water down the gospel has serious ramifications, some of which actually entail an alteration of the message itself. This can lead to a “false gospel,” which Paul describes as no gospel at all since it has no power to save anyone (Gal. 1:6-7).

Harry A. Ironside's Conversion Testimony

From a very early age, God began to speak to me through His Word. I doubt if I could go back to the first time when, to my recollection, I felt something of the reality of eternal things.

Our Mandate in This Age

What Does The Bible Say?

God's Word tells us how we are to respond to the political and moral issues we face in this present evil world.

Titus 2:11-14

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