No Peace To the Wicked

[With Pope Francis’ pleas for world peace during the Christmas season—even encouraging unbelievers to pray and seek for such peace (see article here)—it is important for Christians to consider what God’s Word truly says about peace and the lack of peace that exists in the world today. The following words were written in 1986 by the late Pastor M. H. Reynolds Jr. They ring as true today as they did over 25 years ago!]

To Our Feature Subscribers …

We encourage any subscribers to Feature: A Daily Bible Study Guide to contact us if you have not yet received your individual subscription to Feature. All our Feature Bible study guides were mailed out USPS First Class on December 19-20, and yet we are hearing from scores of people who have not yet received their Bible study guides. Many have contacted us to inform us that they had not received it, only to receive their Feature in the mail shortly thereafter (thus, taking over 2 weeks to receive a USPS First-Class parcel).

A Message of Hope for the New Year

God's Gift to the World!

The character of Christ can not be explained apart from His Deity. He could not have been the product of His age. Like can only produce like. He age was narrow, selfish and wicked. He was broad, unselfish and good.

The Eternal Gift

Christmas is a time of giving and receiving. Even the wise men, when they came to Jesus, “worshipped Him” and “presented unto Him gifts: gold, frankincense, and myrrh” (Matthew 2:11). The gifts we receive this Christmas will eventually wear out, break, and lose their importance; but there is an eternal gift which we must never reject.

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