The Essence of the Emerging Church

A friend of the FEA recently sent me a flyer he received in the mail from a local Baptist church. Presumably an attempt to create interest in the church, this flyer contained the following words without any further explanation:

Vision for First Baptist Paradigm Shift:

Charismatic Confusion

What Does The Bible Say?

The Charismatic and Pentecostal movements are creating confusion among true believers.

1 Corinthians 13:8-10

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Modernism and Historic Christianity

[This article was written in 1926 by R. C. Manly, a medical doctor. The same controversy between “modernism” (liberalism) and “orthodoxy” (fundamentalism) rages today. We must stand for the truth; no middle ground exists]

False Christs and False Prophets

[The following article was written by Louis S. Bauman in 1934. Bauman, one of the founders of Grace Theological Seminary in Winona Lake, IN, served as the pastor of the First Brethren Church of Long Beach, CA, at the time this article was written. He served the First Brethren Church of Long Beach for 34 years.]

"No One Feels Sorry For Me!"

Polls reveal that those involved in Christian ministry have a higher tendency for discouragement and “burn out” than most other professions. Every Christian has, at one time or another, experienced consternation or despondency brought on by the ever-present old nature. But let us consider the contrasting dispositions, aspirations, failures, and victories of Saul and David in 1 Samuel. The Lord anointed both for service, instructed both as to what He expected of them, and provided both men with the wherewithal to get the job done. What was the crucial difference?

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